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Your privacy is our greatest concern and we get how important it is to safeguard it. We purposely collect as little data as possible for your enrollment, and ask for just enough to allow you to use WWW.MYBUSYLIFE.COM

We don’t need your address, or your dates of birth, and we won’t ask personal information beyond what we require to get you setup. Should you choose to enter additional personal data like travel confirmation numbers, reservation or reward card numbers; will hold your data on a secure, independent server and the information will not be shared with any third parties.

1. The Personal Data We Collect
• Your name
• Email address
• Optional data that you may choose to store at your discretion includes Travel data such as flight numbers, travel reward numbers, hotel confirmation numbers. This information is NOT required by MyBusyLife.Com for service of your profile.

2. How We Use Your Personal Data

We do not share your personal data with outside sources, except for the purposes of online credit card payments for subscription fees, which are processed under STRIPE, a separate entity. STRIPE.COM processes your payments and follows their own stringent Privacy Policies.

Other Uses
We may, at the discretion, of MyBusyLife.Com use the collective experience of our users for the purposes of future development of our website. It is important to us that we continue to enrich our platform and appreciate understanding what our customers most use the software for.

3. By Signing Up I have Agreed to:

Thanks for using and enjoying MyBusyLife.Com. By signing up with us, you authorize us to operate our platform for your profile, and you understand, including any family members or friends included in your profile:

a) That you are creating and sharing contacts, calendar events, notes, reminders, documents and backups;
b) That you are creating and sharing your photos, music files, videos, messages, texts or push notifications with other contacts outside your profile at your discretion;
c) That you are creating and sharing your personal travel data that you choose to record in MyBusyLife.Com, such as airline ticket reservation numbers, hotel reservation numbers, or travel rewards numbers. And that you understand that these important personal pieces of data are NOT required by MyBusyLife.Com and you are entering them and sharing them at your own risk.
d) That you understand that www.MyBusyLife.Com will share info with partners (i.e., STRIPE) the sharing of personal and credit card data for the purposes of payment and automatic renewals only.
e) That you understand that your plan, should you choose a COMPETITOR OR PRO version with monthly or annual fees, will be automatically renewed by, and their partner STRIPE, just prior to the one year anniversary of your enrollment, unless you give notice and request that you wish to cancel your subscription.
f) That you understand that will periodically contact you through your profile with information about the platform or software.
g) That you have provided express consent (permission to send electronic messages to you) under Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). We will maintain a record of this permission. You may unsubscribe to these electronic messages at any time and we are to remove unsubscribed recipients within 10 business days of their opt-out.

4. Refund Policy

We do not provide refunds or credits for unused time of service, or plan downgrades, if you decide to change or close your account before the end of your subscription period. This helps keep our administrative costs low which benefits all participants equally.

Annual Plans

If you were on the ANNUAL payment plan, there will be no refunds if you decide to downgrade from PRO to COMPETITOR level part way through the year. If you were on the ANNUAL plan, and you wish to change from the PRO or COMPETITOR levels, to the FREE version, you may do so, and monthly payments will cease. No refunds will be provided.

Monthly Plans

You may downgrade your MONTHLY plan from PRO to COMPETITOR, and the corresponding payments will be adjusted to the lower monthly amount, effective the next monthly schedule deduction after the change is requested, for the remainder of your subscription period. No other credits or refunds will be provided.

5. Security

We operate our website on behalf of our customers. Your security is paramount to us. We will always use all reasonable and professional measures to make sure your Personal Data is safeguarded. Our website is run on an independent server with high security measures in place. Should you have concerns regarding the safety of your information (or feel like your account has been compromised), please contact us immediately.

6. Affiliate Partners

We choose only the highest caliber of affiliate partners; companies we believe reflect the interests and needs of our customer base. We commit to not sharing your personal data records with those Affiliate Partners. However, we do NOT accept responsibility for any personal data YOU share once you have clicked on a Link or Advertisement from one of those Affiliates. Any data requested, cookie use by an Affiliate, or information input by YOU when shopping, purchasing or enrolling with an Affiliate, is the responsibility of the user and is subject to the privacy policies of that Affiliate.

7. How long we keep Your Personal Data

We will keep your personal profile data in tact as long as needed by law. The length of time will depend on the service we provide you; and your date of cancellation or last log-in date.

Should you cancel your subscription with, it is your responsibility to remove all critical personal information you wish to keep (i.e., pictures, videos, music, scores, etc), before they are purged by . MyBusyLife.Com reserves the right to purge your account after a legal length of time of inactivity of your profile.

8. Your Rights to your Personal Information

You have a right to know what personal information we hold about you, how we have used and are using your personal information, or to whom we have disclosed your personal information. Should you have a concern, please indicate in writing you want access to personal information in our files by contacting us at:

My Busy Life Inc., 15-75 Bayly Street West, Unit #361, Ajax, ON, Canada. L1S-7K7

9. Automatic Renewals

Your subscription to will be automatically renewed, with a notification to you, just prior to your one year anniversary to the date you signed up for our service. Your subscription fees will continue to be taken from your credit card, the same as in year one, unless we received notifications from you to change them.

10. Automatic Cancellation – Account Closing

My Busy Life Inc., or, reserves the right to terminate YOUR account, cease payment deductions, change your accessibility to the system, and remove any personal data under the following circumstances:

1) The user has used the account to sell or market other materials;
2) The user has used the services in an illegal manner;
3) The user has published pictures, videos or media material that is deemed offensive to other people in their contact list, team or studio;
4) The user has used the services to contact or harass other people within their contact list, team or studio; and
5) The user has been advised of non-payment of subscription fees, and despite repeated attempts, has not provided payment for services of

11. Global Operations

Our website is available worldwide. We will store and collect information in our Head Office in Canada, but recognize that participants from countries outside Canada and the United States of America may use our service. Your country of residence may have different privacy policies and or data protection rules. Our standards have been outlined in this privacy policy. Should there be a request from courts, law enforcement or other regularly bodies from other countries for your personal data, My Busy Life Inc., will work with those entities to the level of the law applicable.

12. Minors

Our website is not directed or marketed to individuals under the age of 13, and we request that individuals under age 13 not provide personal data for setting up of an initial profile.

13. Contact Us

If you have any questions about our policies or practices, please contact us directly at [email protected] or in writing at:

My Busy Life Inc.
15-75 Bayly Street West, Suite # 361
Ajax, Ontario

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