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About My Busy Life Inc.

MyBusyLife.com was developed by a group of competitive sports parents, in Ajax, Ontario, Canada. We designed it for individuals, couples and families that compete in performance sports like Cheer, Dance, Pageant and Skate.

For people like us, regular calendar just isn’t enough to keep track of the details. These unique competitive sports often come with multiple routines, music, coaches, choreographers, costumes, footwear, hairstyles, regular and special practices, rehearsals, competitions, recitals, picture days, and even try outs to keep track of. Not to mention all the away weekends and travel details.

www.mybusylife.com can keep track of each and every detail for as many routines as you participate in. www.mybusylife.com can provide packing lists, travel itineraries and maps for the road.

MyBusyLife.com might take a little time to setup at the beginning of your season, but give us an hour and we will change your whole competitive year!

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Contact us in writing at:
My Busy Life Inc.
15-75 Bayly Street West, Suite # 361
Ajax, Ontario, Canada

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